Charming Bed and Breakfast in Cassis en Provence French Riviera
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Things to do in Cassis

Cassis visit the Calanques

Go on a cruise in the Calanques

This alone is probably the reason why Cassis almost entirely relies on tourism nowadays. The Calanques are a wild, rugged cliffs and creeks stretching from Marseille to Cassis, his strip of 20 km long coast is protected from the 70s to the richness of its flora and fauna and this has been made virtually inaccessible by car except in 3 points. However, you can take different paths hiking or by boat excursions departing from the Cassis' Vieux Port (old harbor).
The ancient streets in Cassis

Walking through the ancient streets of the town center

As in most of Provence’s cities and villages, few things are more enjoyable than taking an unplanned afternoon stroll through the winding streets of the town center. Take notice of the many details, from nice doorways, to beautiful vintage shop fronts and colorful flowers. Take a walk in the beautiful natural harbor filled with small fishing boats, a good spot for have an "apero" and watch the world go by before going off for a meal.
Wine tasting in Cassis

Taste one of the Cassis’s many wines

Wine lovers can instead visit one of the many wineries that surrounding the Cassis area, its hills covered with magnificent picturesque vineyards, with the ability to make even the tastings.. Wine is the city’s second most important industry after tourism, Cassis wine received the Appellation d'Origine Controlée in 1936 the first in the region. It's produced in red, rosé and white, with the white being the most famous.
The local market in Cassis

Shop for Local Treats at the Wednesday-Friday Market.

Any trip to a French village should always include a visit at the local market. Cassis's market happens every Wednesday and Friday morning, from 8 am to 1 pm, on Place Baragnon. The market, "le marché", is an integral part of life in virtually all French towns and large villages, we recommend to buy local pastries, fruits, goat milk cheeses.

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